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About Us.

We serve our clients with quality work performed efficiently and cost effectivly. We strive to perform all work with minimal disruption to existing operations and to meet often difficult time constraints. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and ability to suggest innovative ways to carry out extremely difficult projects and on our flawless safety record. We've had no lost time accidents since the company was founded. It is paramount that we develop strong business relationships based on honesty, fairness and integrity. Our company is fully insured for $2 million dollars of buiness liability as well as workers compensation. Our employees cover mandatory saftey requirements and attend mandatory safety training regularly. 

Scott Tigert

Scott is the founder, owner and operator of FST Contractors, Inc. and brings over 30 years of welding and industial maintenance experience to the business. As owner, Scott will work with you personally to ensure complete satisfactoin for services provided. He will ensure that your project is completed timely, accurately and is of the highest quality while maintaining a cost-effective rate. Quotes will be estimated correctly and with the utmost detail to achieve the closest possible rates for the project in order to prevent errors, miscalculations and to provide competitive pricing. 


Telephone: 972-762-0060

Steffany Tigert 
Steffany is FST Contractors' secretary and bookeeper and has been with the company since it was founded. Steffany oversees all accounts payable and receivable, business insurances and payroll functions. She brings an accumulation of over 20 years of administrative and financial experience to the company and strives to provide excellent customer service and effective communications with our clients.
Telephone: 817-706-8050

BJ Taylor

BJ works directly under Scott's guidance and is on site daily to ensure projects are run smoothly, to ensure the safety of the workplace and to maintain communications throughout the job.


Telephone: 972-522-8304

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